Wrist pain?

This may be attributed to wrist tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome or cubital tunnel syndrome.

In this video, Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Sanj Kakar explains how pain, stiffness, arthritis and functional problems develop in the wrist. He shows the tell-tale spot on the wrist where you can press and confirm that your wrist pain may need medical attention.

Don’t think you have to have surgery to be free of wrist pain. In fact, the right combination of PEMF (pulse electromagnetic frequency therapy, which uses electromagnetic fields to heal these types of injuries), optimization of posture, improvement of functional strength and fine tuning of nutrition may alleviate symptoms and heal the wrist.

Select a practitioner trained in the non-surgical treatment of chronic musculoskeletal pain and explore all the options available to you to get long-term relief of wrist pain.

There is hope. Contact Mulka Medical Institute PLLC today at (720) 580-3217 or scheduling@mulkamedical.com.

VIDEO: Does Your Wrist Pain May Need Medical Attention?

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