What do most painful conditions have in common? Acute or chronic inflammation.

A little-known treatment for inflammation is PEMF, which stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency. This approach to pain management and healing uses a small, battery-powered electronic signal generator to supply a pulsed electrical signal to a set of small, soft coils. These coils are placed on the skin over the area of inflammation or injury and secured using tape, adhesive pads, or straps/belts.

The signal generator is then turned on and the pulsed electromagnetic field is applied to the area of inflammation.

It may sound a little like something out of Frankenstein, but the fact is PEMF is effective. In fact, the DigiCeutical® PEMF device has been shown to decrease inflammation with approximately 60% the effectiveness of dexamethasone, a powerful oral or injectable corticosteroid. Using a concentrated, anti-inflammatory PEMF signal, the inflammation associated with pain and injury is reduced, which promotes tissue healing and resolution of pain.

PEMF can be used to treat painful conditions that are very difficult to treat, even with more invasive means, as well as conditions like these:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Pinched nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis and bursitis
  • Hip bursitis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tennis elbow

PEMF therapy is a wearable, transcutaneous treatment modality that has been shown to decrease inflammation around injured structures and thereby decrease pain. It is a non-invasive modality that treats pain at the source by decreasing inflammation.

Using PEMF along with necessary nutrition and developing proper posture and body biomechanics by strengthening key muscles groups may be the secret to treating your pain naturally and getting you back to doing what you love.

There is hope. Contact Mulka Medical Institute PLLC today at (720) 580-3217 or scheduling@mulkamedical.com.

The Secret Treatment for Just About Any Pain

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