The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself from a wide range of injury and pain.

When injury occurs somewhere in the body, whether it be from trauma or wear and tear over time, the body responds by producing inflammation. Inflammation is usually made up of fluid and cells that work to heal the injured structure.

This collection of fluid and cells is also referred to as swelling. Swelling takes up space in and around the injured structure and increases the pain because there is pressure on the injured structure from within.

Once there is injury to a structure in the body and associated inflammation, it is more susceptible to generating pain with less provocation. Poor posture places more stress on injured structures and thereby causes more pain.

Each part of the body has a neutral or resting position that places the least amount of pressure on structures that cause pain. Along with moving the parts of the body, muscles are also one of the primary actors in maintaining the neutral or resting posture of the body. When certain postural muscles are weak, an imbalance is created and poor posture results. This poor posture then leads to increased pressure on vulnerable or injured structures, which leads to increased inflammation and pain.

Here are three things to do now to naturally alleviate pain:

  1. Set an appointment with a physical medicine practitioner. One of the primary ways to help the body heal itself is to strengthen the muscles that create good posture. This effect is the reason why physical therapy is such an effective part of treating pain naturally. Physical medicine includes functional exercises, or physical therapy, as well as a broader spectrum of healing modalities.
  2. Eat well. Another vital component of treating pain naturally is proper nutrition. The components of the body are constantly renewing and regenerating. Like any construction, this requires the right building blocks to ensure proper functioning. The building blocks that the human body needs are protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals along with energy from carbohydrates. A diet that includes all of the vital building blocks ensures that the body has what it needs to work to heal itself.
  3. As a last resort, consider surgery. Only after the first two options have been exhausted is it best to ask a physician whether it makes sense to turn to the treatment options of medications, injections and surgery, which all cover up the pain or artificially remove the cause of the inflammation and pain while the body heals itself.

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