Why is Mulka Medical Institute the Best Physical Medicine Clinic in Denver, CO?

Mulka Medical Institute provides the highest quality care in  within the Denver area. Dr. Mulka is an accomplished physician with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University or Michigan, and he is Mayo Clinic-trained. Further, Mulka Medical Institute utilizes a comprehensive approach to treat pain without medications. Most importantly, Dr. Mulka cares for each of his patients and wants to restore hope and happiness to your life. Through education on exercise, posture, and nutrition, along with minimally invasive treatments tailored to your particular problem, Dr. Mulka helps to restore proper function to the body.

The pain management services offered by Mulka Medical Institute are designed to help those with pain anywhere in their bodies. The most commonly treated pain often involves low back and neck pain, as well as lumbar and cervical radiculopathy, sciatica, tendonitis and nerve entrapments like carpal tunnel syndrome.

No matter the issue, with the proper treatment, patients experience a dramatic reduction in pain, a better understanding of how their body works and the knowledge for how to care for themselves in the long term.

State-of-the-Art Non-Invasive and Minimally Invasive Pain Treatment Techniques

One of the advanced treatments available is PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic frequency, a pain management service that has been proven to dramatically reduce inflammation. A reduction in inflammation promotes tissue healing, and therefore eases pain. Through PEMF, many patients have experienced pain relief without invasive procedures or medication.

Mulka Medical Institute provides Denver-area patients unparalleled pain relief treatment. Dr. Mulka and his staff are extremely experienced in offering non-invasive treatment. They go beyond patients’ pain points to create a custom plan for each patient that focuses on one’s diet and daily habits as well. This helps treat pain with a focus on natural, non-invasive remedies. Mulka Medical Institute also incorporates help with posture and functional strength to help patients find pain relief without surgery or medication. When there is a focus on correctly identifying the source of pain, treatment is much more successful.

Patients that visit Mulka Medical Institute receive the highest quality care. The mission at Mulka Medical Institute is to restore hope and happiness by curing pain and optimizing function, all through non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments and without the use of medication. Through a treatment program at Mulka Medical Institute, patients can experience daily life, work, leisure activities and more, pain free!