One morning, Leslie*, a 40-year old female, woke up with pain in her neck. There was numbness and tingling going through her right arm into her fingers within a week. If she would move her head at all, even to look up, down or side to side, she experienced a sharp increase in pain. This made it difficult for Leslie to maintain her work schedule as she experienced pain and numbness the longer she worked at her desk. To counter the progression of pain, Leslie had physical therapy prescribed by her primary doctor.  After six weeks, the pain was still there, so she got an MRI. The MRI showed a herniated cervical disc causing pressure on the C7 nerve root on the right. In an effort to get this issue fixed, she saw a spine surgeon who recommended fusion. When Leslie came to Mulka Medical Institute, she was evaluated and prescribed pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy as well as posture adjustment, scapular strengthening, and workplace modifications. After 2 weeks of using this protocol, Leslie’s pain had greatly decreased and her numbness and tingling was all but gone. In the end, she was able to work for much longer than she was prior to therapy.