Bill*, a 65 year-old gentleman, began having debilitating low back pain to the point where he was having to walk with a cane and could no longer do the activities he needed and wanted to do. He went to doctor after doctor and was prescribed physical therapy, injections and medications; he even had an MRI of his lower back. The MRI showed multiple level degenerative disc disease with spinal stenosis. Back surgery was recommended. Bill was at the end of his tolerance for the pain. When Bill came to Mulka Medical Institute, he was evaluated and prescribed a core-strengthening program and pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy for his low back pain and sciatica. After a few days of using pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy, Bill noticed that his lower back pain had improved significantly. After just one month of using pulsed electromagnetic frequency therapy, Bill is back to walking without a cane and doing all of the things that he couldn’t do while he was in pain.